A Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience in all areas of nursing.

Born on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, along with my three sisters and two brothers, enjoyed the fun and poverty of living on an island. My parents made sure we all graduated from high school, so we would have the educational foundation needed to succeed. After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a nursing career, because of always wanting to help take care of people; and even as a child had compassion on those suffering or in pain.

I graduated from the Victoria Hospital School of Nursing with a diploma in nursing, and immediately following completed the Midwifery program. I had developed a concern for the rapid increase in maternal and infant mortality, most of it due to teen pregnancies, and wanted to work in that field to educate and empower women. I worked as a midwife in a hospital, and completed a hands-on community/public health program, at a local health center, where I was able to make a difference with education and counseling.

My earliest recollection of an interest in natural health stems from watching my grandmother, Amelida, treat all types of ailments using natural herbs grown in her garden at the back of her house. Over the years I continued to learn more from my sister Karan who was smart enough to learn many of "Granny's" natural healing tips.

My two children and I also lived in Barbados, another Caribbean island, (which was my father's birthplace) for a number of years, where I continued my nursing experience working in various areas of nursing. After relocating to the U.S., and passing the State Board exam for nurses, continued working , attended seminars, conferences and continuing education courses receiving several certifications. A very rewarding experience was obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Masters of Science in Health Care Administration.

Most recently I have enjoyed working in Case Management and Utilization Review, where I continue to enjoy the opportunity to work along side other healthcare professionals to ensure continued patient care, as we discuss appropriateness of hospitalization and work as an advocate for patients. This allowed me the opportunity to educate patients regarding managing their health and improving quality of life by taking control of their lives.

I am very involved in a non-denominational Christian bible fellowship and research group, where along with my husband work to study the Bible, so we can assist those interested in learning more about God and the Bible, His will for our lives and how to practically incorporate those teachings into our daily lives. The goal is to manifest that "more than abundant life that the Word states Jesus Christ came to make available for us. John 10:10(b)" ... I (Jesus Christ), is come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." In this role, as in many others during my life, I get to be a counselor, mediator, advocate, educator, communicator and change agent.

This has been and is the basis for starting my business, 'A Touch of New Health'. My goal is to help as many as possible realize a better quality of life, by following the standards set forth in God's word. God made the body to heal itself and as we tap into that knowledge we can achieve improved health and healing naturally. As a nurse, my purpose is not to ignore conventional medicine, but to compliment it.